hey lady! my jewelry is dirty!

You’re looking here because you’re thinking, “Hey lady! My jewelry is dirty! Ah!”. It’s totally normal! If  you’re wearing it, it WILL get dirty (or oxidized or tarnished). Don’t worry! For the most part, jewelry is cleanable! Please keep in mind that some things don’t clean well, like pearls, emeralds, porous stones and gems. Here’s a quick guide for taking care of your jewelry. If you’re not sure though, please don’t hesitate to email us!

General rules of jewelry ownership:

  • Don’t get them wet, unless you’re cleaning them.
  • Try to avoid lotions, perfumes, cleaning chemicals, etc.
  • Try to not have a wild night out on the town and forget your wearing your favorite piece.
  • Don’t throw them in the bottom of your purse.
  • If you can store them away when you’re not wearing them, you’re one up! Air and dust are bad bad bad.

Sterling Silver

Most sterling silver can be cleaned by either a sterling silver cleansing dip that you can purchase at some place like Bed Bath and Beyond or a jewelry store. You can give it a quick sparkle by using a silver cloth! Just run your chains through and rub your charms down! You can also do it at home a la natural by creating a lukewarm bath with a mild soap and soak your jewelry. Use a SOFT cloth and gently rub the jewelry. Make sure you rinse and dry! Try to store your jewelry away from the air if you can!

Gold Filled

Fill a small bowl with water and a drop or two of ammonia. Take a Q-tip or a soft cloth and go over the jewelry. Pat dry. Fill another bowl up with warm water and a teaspoon of laundry detergent (NO bleach!). Let the jewelry soak for a minute or so and take it out. Rinse and pat dry.

**If you’re gold filled jewelry has precious stones, make sure they are being treated accordingly. For example, pearls should not be in the water solutions.

Gold Plated

Give a gentle rub down with a microfiber cloth if you have one. Fill a bowl with hot water and dishwashing soap. Let them soak for a minute or two. Take them out and let them air dry.

**Special note: do not scrub, as plating most times is thin and comes off easily. If you have problems with excessive tarnish, you may have to jump to the brass section and say goodbye to your plating.


Polish with ketchup! Yep, that’s right! It works! Make sure you rinse and dry!

Base Metals

With base metals, you might have to try a couple different things. Always go with the most gentle option first. Try a warm mild soap bath, give a light scrub, rinse and pat dry. If that doesn’t work, try ketchup or a silver dip!