all about us

Make Pie Not War started in 2007 when Alana Little just couldn’t handle the corporate circus any longer! Desiring to be free, she jumped out into a scary world and started MPNW! She knew that with her degrees in Accountancy and Fashion Design, she could do it, and do it great! She daily puts on her apron to make gorgeous jewels for the radical lady (and men too!). She knows that her company is one of many, but she fights through the immersed industry with her classic yet funky jewelry that is all handmade by her personally. She pours her love into each piece and each customer that comes her way! She loves to hunt the world for her treasures she uses to complete the perfect piece. Vintage trinkets, precious metals and gems, random natural elements… It’s all fair game!

In 2013, Alana Little is taking MPNW to the next level. We have celebrated our sixth year as a growing company. We are ever striving to meet our customers right where they are and to make someone’s heart beam with joy! We know that jewelry is not a world changer, but hopefully we can make some hearts happy, and change the world from a happy heart! This is the essence of what we do and we pray that it shows!

And when Alana is not creating jewelry perfection, she is tending to her flock of one husband, one crazy tot, two gigantic Chihuahuas, and her beloved vegetable garden. She hopes someday to be a mix of Martha Stewart, Bob Villa, and her grandmother. Her life is practically perfect in every way (thank you Mary Poppins).

“Thank you for making MPNW possible. This is my dream.”
— Alana Little